Seat Belts

Coach travel is statistically one of the safest forms of transport available. To ensure this safety standard is maintained seatbelts are provided at every seat and all passengers 14 years of age or over are required by law to wear them. Use of seatbelts for younger children and babies travelling on an adult’s lap is at the discretion of the coach organiser (not the driver) and will depend on the size of the child and the design of seatbelt. All of our coaches are fitted with seatbelts, either lap belts or three point seatbelts. If you require a coach with three point seatbelts you must request this at the time of booking.

Transport of children in car seats is acceptable where three point seatbelts are provided but we don’t provide extendable seatbelts and require an adult to sit immediately adjacent to every child carried in this way. All children must occupy their own seat.