Safeguard coaches does not share the personal information of individual passengers that has been given to us directly.

We use 3rdparty service organisations to supply our passengers with ticketing and payment solutions and also onboard WIFI, these organisations do share your data with us.

Safeguard Coaches will never pass on your personal details to other organisations for their own use, except when we have your express permission to do so or when the law requires it. We do not sell or swap your personal data, however where applicable we share your information with subcontractors and suppliers. Staff, consultants and service providers acting on our behalf may be allowed to access your personal data; we will only allow them to do this at our explicit instruction and for an exact purpose.

With all 3rd party suppliers we have reviewed their policies and procedures and are content with the level of their GDPR compliance. All 3rd party suppliers will have signed a Data Sharing Agreement where required to do so, we will have checked their policies and procedures and we will be satisfied that their systems are secure. In the event that we stop using a supplier, any of your data that they hold will be securely deleted.

We may need to disclose your personal data upon request to regulatory and government bodies as well as law enforcement agencies.