What We Use Your Personal Information For How Do We Use Your Personal Information What is the Legal Basis That We Use to Process Your Information
1 To respond to any comments or queries. To provide information in answer to any questions, queries or comments that you have made to us, by phone or by email. Consent, you have asked us a question for which you require an answer.
2 To create quotations for you as requested by you. To provide the necessary information to allow you to make a decision to use our services based on the information we have given you. Contract, you have asked us to provide this information to you.
3 To confirm bookings and invoice you for our services. To supply you with the information needed by you to make use of our services and ensure everything runs smoothly. To give you the information necessary for you to be able to pay us for our services. Contract, you have now entered into a contract with us to provide transport services to you.
4 To carry out our contract with you. To provide transportation services, journey planning and travel advice. To notify you of any changes to our services, which may affect your journey. Contract, necessary for the performance of our contract with you or to take steps to enter into that contract.
5. For marketing our products and services to you. To provide you with information about goods and services we believe may be of interest to you, to allow you to make future bookings with us. To send you details of any special offers or services. Legitimate interest.
6 To develop our services and to ensure that our services are up to date, relevant and appealing. We use your personal information to determine your likes, dislikes and needs, this may come from the comments and requests that have appeared on the site. To ensure that you receive the benefits and services that are on offer and that they are of interest to you. Legitimate interest. It is within our legitimate interests to both develop and enhance the products and services that we offer to you and to keep our website up to date with relevant information.
7 CCTV, To monitor on board the coach the behaviour of individuals on the bus. We use CCTV to prevent and deter crime, apprehend and or prosecute offenders and to provide a safer environment for our staff and individual travellers. We monitor operational and safety related incidents. Legitimate interest
8 To retain CCTV images for a reasonable period of time or as long as is required by law. We would us this information to assist in the verification of any claims that are made. Legal obligation. We are legally obliged to keep the images until a case is resolved or up to 6 years if the case is ongoing.
9 To disclose CCTV images. We would use this information to assist in the verification of a claim, to aid in the apprehension or prosecution of an offender. Legal obligation.
10 Passenger Manifest If travelling abroad by ferry we are required by the ferry operator to produce a passenger manifest details included would be name, gender, and special travel requirements, travel document type, passport or ID card, travel document number and travel document country of issue, travel document expiry date, date of birth and nationality. Legal obligation.
11 To ensure that the content on our site is presented in the most useful way. We may use your personal information which could include your IP address to measure ways in which you use our website, we could analyse the effectiveness of our site. This can allow us to structure the content and the services we offer. We would normally use cookies for this purpose. As appropriate we would ask for your consent to use these cookies before processing.