Code of Practice for Disabled Passengers

This code of practice is designed to ensure that all disabled customers are offered a common high standard of service when travelling with Farnham Coaches/Safeguard Coaches.

Our code applies to all disabled customers, including:

  • Wheelchair users
  • Blind or partially sighted customers
  • Deaf or hard of hearing customers
  • Customers with learning disabilities
  • Customers with mobility difficulties

Our commitment to you – What we can do

When hiring a vehicle, it is important that you let us know at least 48 hours before your planned journey if you have a passenger who may need assistance. The more information we have about your requirements, the better prepared we will be to meet your needs when you travel with us.

If you or any of your party need assistance getting on or off the coach please let us know. Our drivers are not permitted to lift or carry passengers on or off the coach or to take any action that may put their own health, safety and welfare at risk.

Our drivers are happy to assist with loading and unloading of luggage and items from the coach up to a maximum of 20kgs. Heavier items will require assistance.

Manual wheelchairs

We can accept lightweight manual wheelchairs, if they can be stowed in the luggage hold of the coach. We are unable to accept manual wheelchairs that are more than 20kgs in weight.

Mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs

We can also accept small mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs operated by dry cell batteries only. The scooter or powered wheelchair must be capable of being broken down into separate parts, each weighing no more than 20kgs, which will be stowed in the luggage compartment. The disabled customer must be accompanied by a companion who is able to dismantle and reassemble the powered wheelchair at the point of arrival and departure.

Assistance animals

We will also accept officially trained and approved assistance animals when accompanying the owner or user. However, aisles must not be blocked for safety reasons and, if fouling occurs, the owner will be subject to an additional fouling charge. We regret that no other animals can be transported.

Travelling in the main cabin

If the disabled passenger needs to travel in a wheelchair we can accommodate them in our 34 seat easy access bus, providing the wheelchair fits the dimensions below. If the wheelchair does not meet or exceeds these dimensions and cannot be restrained safely, the passenger will be unable to travel in this way.

Code of access for wheelchairs and coaches


Customers who require personal oxygen supplies in hand held bottles(2kg) can also be accommodated.

What we cannot do

Our staff and drivers are not permitted to assist customers with their eating or personal hygiene. Health and safety considerations mean we cannot lift or carry you, and cannot provide medical services such as giving injections. If a medical condition requires others to provide this type of care, you should travel with a companion who can assist you during your journey.

Our drivers and staff are unable to provide personal care services at coach stations or during the journey.

Our drivers and staff are unable to dismantle or reassemble mobility scooters or powered wheelchairs that have been approved for travel.

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