Client Testimonials


School - July 2017

We were really pleased to have such a friendly, understanding coach driver.  We had to stop a couple of times which he was great with and he was really amenable with the itinerary.  It was a great trip!


Local Society - June 2017

Had a day out with a group to Salisbury yesterday and I just wanted to say the driver was fantastic as we all got drenched on a long walk in the pouring rain. She offered a jacket and t-shirt for us ladies and couldn’t have done more to help.

Pembrokeshire Adventure Camp

School - May 2017

The boys wrote this rap for you.  I’m sure you would have enjoyed hearing them perform it!
Our Lovely Bus Driver
I step into your bus and you welcome me in,
You say it so nicely that in a bus driver competition you would win,
I walk down the aisle and sit down
I sit by the window admiring the view as I look around,
You then drop us off at the by bug farming,
When you came to pick us up late at night you’re still charming,
I start to climb off your bus and call to you “ciao”,
And when you call back you say “Tara for now!”

Bath & Wilton

Local Society - May 2017

We had a truly wonderful trip to Bath and Wilton, thank you so much for looking after us so beautifully. Our driver was exceptional; courteous and kind to all the clients, as well as punctual and helpful. He found scenic routes and detours to avoid traffic and also took time to look after one gentleman who had fallen ill. Everyone said it was a delight to have him as our driver. Everything was arranged exceptionally as always by your team!!!